OSH audit - Workplace / facility
   Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Program
   Comprehensive Occupational Safety & Health Systems
   Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)
   OSH training Program





OSH audit - Workplace / facility
· Compliance audit
· OSH Management Systems audit
· Technical audit

Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Program
  g Hazard identification - workplace inspection, audit, document research, observation, interview and etc.


g Hazard evaluation - physical, chemical & biological; e.g. noise survey/monitoring, ambient monitoring, personal exposure monitoring, chemical exposure monitoring, biological monitoring, heat stress evaluation, general ventilation testing, local exhaust ventilation testing, Stack Monitoring (Air emission), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessment and etc.
  g Recommendation of control measures - engineering controls, administrative controls, PPE, training, medical surveillance & examination and etc.

Comprehensive Occupational Safety & Health Systems
a Management of Occupational Safety & Health
  Hazard Control (Safety hazard, Health hazard and Fire & Explosion hazard)
a Training, Information Dissemination & Promotional Program
a Accidents, Dangerous Occurrences & Occupational Diseases
a Welfare Arrangement
aMajor Hazards
aElectrical safety
aRadiation safety

Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)
v In compliance with USECHH 2000 Regulation

OSH training Program


  Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) Implementation Awareness Training
  Occupational Safety & Health Management
  Hearing Conservation Program
  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  Occupational Health Awareness
  OSHA & Regulations
  First Aid Training
  Radiation Safety
  Emergency Response Plan
  Compressed Gas Safety
  Forklift Safety
  Safety & Health Auditing
  Machinery Safety
  Accident Investigation
  Many other OSH training modules
  Office Safety
  Fire Safety
  Classification, Packaging & Labelling (CPL) and Safe Handling of Chemicals
  Safety & Health Committee - It’s formation & Function
  Chemical Safety
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