RHM Consultant Sdn. Bhd. (380905-V)


Stack Monitoring / Air Emission Monitoring


Main Objectives :

 a)        To evaluate air emission levels from standby generator for compliance with the Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 1978.   

         b)      To recommend suitable control measures where necessary.


             (i)         Velocity Measurement 

Pitot tube is used for measuring air flow in the stack and a thermometer to measure the flue temperature. 

Velocity measurements are made by directing the short leg of the pitot tube into the gas stream while keeping the long leg perpendicular to the stack wall. Velocity pressure readings in inches of water are indicated on the U-Tube manometer. Measurements are taken at selected points over the cross section of the stack known as the sampling plane. 

The flue velocity (ft/sec) can then be calculated from the following formula:     

V = 18.27        

                         Where  Pv   =  Velocity Pressure

                                    r  air  =  Gas Density 

             (ii)        Emission Sampling : 

The measurements of dust emission concentration from stacks were conducted using NIOSH Method. 

                        NIOSH sampling method: 

A known volume of air is drawn through a collecting media to trap the monitored parameters at site. The collected sampled are then transported to the laboratory for analysis based on recommended method.